We have an interesting article sent in this week by reviveheatingandac.com – Thank you Friend.  For all you goat lovers here is your blueprint to raising them.

Problems to Watch Out For When Raising Goats – Goat breeding is a fun and rewarding activity but it could be plagued by many problems which the breeder needs to watch out for. Infections and diseases are common in goats and these could affect the quality of the herd and even cause fatalities.


Signs that tell you that the goat is sick – A sick goat will exhibit a number of signs and recognizing them early will help you know when to call a vet.

When your goat suddenly stops eating or drinking this is a sign that she is sick. You should also get concerned when the goat stops chewing cud or seems to have trouble urinating. A goat in distress might start grinding teeth while some will stagger around as if in a drunken stupor.

Goats are social creatures and should your goat start to prefer solitude, this could also be an indicator that he is sick. Other tell-tale signs include diarrhea as well as coughing and a running nose.

Before calling the vet, taking the goat’s temperature and observing the color of the gums will help confirm that the goat is really sick and will also assist the vet to arrive at a correct diagnosis. Pale gums are a sign of sickness just as is an unusually high temperature. The normal temperature should be between 102 and 103 degrees F and any temperature above or below this range should be a reason for concern.

What the goat could be ailing from – The list of diseases that could befall a goat is rather long and the least a goat breeder could do is to stay alert to signs of sickness. If the goats are poorly housed, they are likely to suffer from pneumonia. This happens when the goats are not protected from the rain or when their shelter is damp. Poor ventilation provides the ideal conditions for the spreading of pneumonia-causing viruses.

When the goat breeder does not carry out regular de-worming, the herd could soon get severely affected. By checking fecal samples, the vet will be able to identify the species of worms and also recommend the appropriate wormer.

Coccidiosis is a common problem with goats and every breeder should be on the lookout for it as it has been known to account for a large numbers of kid fatalities. Abscesses could also affect an entire herd and milk from goats with abscesses is not fit for human consumption.
By keenly observing your goats, you’ll know when to seek professional help thereby avoiding costly mistakes.

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